Tuesday, August 26, 2003

my first entry

Good evening, folks!

This is my first entry for my journal.  It could be the last one too. Hmmm, you are wondering why. 

I got a new AOL screen name last week, but I used that name a few times.  Therefore, I may remain as the katt.  Then again, not enough people like the pussy. (my UK humor.) LOL 

I can use Weho Katt's screen name for the journal in the IMs! Yes, it is confusing sometimes. I have the AOL IM on the computer too.  I also have yahoo and msn.  I don't have that many friends online or offline. I can start fresh on AOL with the new screen name and make new friends. Of course, some of my closest online buddies will know about it. Some of them won't ever know I ever exist as the pussy!

I might forget about my new name and stay as the loving hateful katt that no man wants the queen's head on the platter!  Speaking of the queen, please bow down while talking to the queen.  Show me some respect, won't u?  hehe
Furthermore, some think my writings does sux.  That is okay! As long they know what I am talking about, then it doesn't matter! At least, it is not Ebonics! LOL Well, I think that does it for the evening.  If not for the pussy, see you above the skies into the great beyond known as The Final Frontier!   Peace out!

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