Sunday, August 31, 2003

Sept 2003 Rent

Yesterday, I talked to my apartment manager about the rent. We went through the record book. It was time once again to pay it starting next month. Well, I know that it wasn't right at all. 

The September 2003 rent is already paid. I looked at my old reciepts. I was right all along. I need to start in October. Anyway, I had a icky feeling that they will pestered me about next month's rent. Hey, I won't even bothered with it. I won't pay the rent again for next month.

This evening at Outback Restaurant in Burbank, I told my friend, Mike, about it.  He mentioned it will be best to resolved the matter before it goes any further like.....drum rolls, eviction!

Let the record shows that hey, it is their problem, not mine. They could evict me, but, honey, I will take them to court. They have no right to evict me at all. I have to rent reciepts proving the rent is paid for September 2003. 

Side note: Top it all, I noticed that my rent is still the same since I moved in! SAY WHAT? I recalled that the people lowered my money earlier this year. Therefore, my rent should be lower too.

Since the landlord didn't lower my rent when they supposed to, part of my October rent is paid for. So, I have to pay the rest in October 2003!


Friday, August 29, 2003


Last night, I looked at my guestbook. Low and behold, another person signed it on 8/7/03! Wow, that makes two people!  LOL 

I hardly check my guestbook. No one seems to sign the darn thing! 

Back to Amy, she is curious about me. I don't remember her at all. I lost touch with everyone back home with good reason.

I gave up my cowboy hat for a Hollywood Star! Hint, hint!

Anyway, I sent her an email tonight - the latest news about me.

I don't expect to hear from her or anyone else. That life is over with.

Nightie Night!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003


By Kazz Falcon
Dedicated to Moon

I came from another world
It wasn't the same
I became sad
I felt like crying
Everyone seemed distance from me
They rejected me because I'm different
The aspects of things,
What must I correct?
I just don't understand
They can't accepted the person I am
I came to this world for acceptance
I need to find it somewhere else
I don't belong in my world
I hope this world was the place for me
Please trace me to my type of people
They will know where I'm coming from
Everyone is me in some way

Copyright ©2003 Kazz Falcon

Introducing The Artist!

my first entry

Good evening, folks!

This is my first entry for my journal.  It could be the last one too. Hmmm, you are wondering why. 

I got a new AOL screen name last week, but I used that name a few times.  Therefore, I may remain as the katt.  Then again, not enough people like the pussy. (my UK humor.) LOL 

I can use Weho Katt's screen name for the journal in the IMs! Yes, it is confusing sometimes. I have the AOL IM on the computer too.  I also have yahoo and msn.  I don't have that many friends online or offline. I can start fresh on AOL with the new screen name and make new friends. Of course, some of my closest online buddies will know about it. Some of them won't ever know I ever exist as the pussy!

I might forget about my new name and stay as the loving hateful katt that no man wants the queen's head on the platter!  Speaking of the queen, please bow down while talking to the queen.  Show me some respect, won't u?  hehe
Furthermore, some think my writings does sux.  That is okay! As long they know what I am talking about, then it doesn't matter! At least, it is not Ebonics! LOL Well, I think that does it for the evening.  If not for the pussy, see you above the skies into the great beyond known as The Final Frontier!   Peace out!